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Dear Internet Marketer,

As you may know, an e-mail course allows you to promote your offer
(or your affiliate links) to the prospect by blending quality content and
follow up marketing.

This is the most effective way to make profits on the Internet!

Now, how can YOU profit from this?

Well, I am making Reprint and Customization rights available to my
"Marketing Success Tips" e-mail course!

This means that you can obtain rights to this e-mail course and begin
giving away the 10-day course yourself.

Yes... that's right...

I'm offering you the opportunity to use my e-mail course to your own

Here are a few of the reasons why you should put this marketing
technique in use...

  • An autoresponder e-mail course gives you the opportunity to
    capture e-mail addresses. You can use the addresses to build
    a list of qualified, targeted prospects. All the people who have
    requested your e-mail course are at least somewhat interested
    in what you are offering... so here's a big change that they will
    click -and buy- from your ads.

  • Your autoresponder course provides automated follow-up
    messages, and statistics show that it takes, on average,
    seven contacts before someone will actually make a purchase.

  • Your autoresponder course builds name recognition by
    presenting your name and offer on a daily basis. The more
    familiar someone is with your offer, the more likely they are
    to respond

There's no work for you, no need to create your own e-mail or follow
up messages... because I have done it already for you!

Not only can you begin selling and giving the ecourse away, but you
can use it to make your affiliate commissions EXPLODE!

You may have noticed that there are daily sponsor ads for each of
the lessons that you have received.

When you obtain rights to this e-mail course you can insert YOUR
into each of the daily lessons!

You can promote ANY affiliate program that you want.

There are 10 lessons, so you have 10 opportunities to promote 10
different -or the same- affiliate links!

When you obtain Reprint Rights to the "Internet Marketing Success
Tips Course", you can delete the current sponsor ads from all the
messages and insert whatever ad you want to promote your own

But that's not all!

Inside every lesson there are many links leading to products with
reseller rights. When you obtain Reprint Rights , you can insert
YOUR OWN links in the lessons, so YOU will earn an even bigger

PLUS... If you don't own resell rights to some of the products in the
course, I will show you how to insert your own affiliate links, that
point to my own "Resell Rights" site.

When people order from your reseller link, you'll receive a nice 50%
commission on all the products listed... and you don't have to do

... just cash in your checks in the bank :-)

You'll receive complete instructions on how to do this on the
"Thank-You" page, after you make your purchase.

Let me sum it all up again:

You get the 10 pre-written lessons.
You can insert your own Sponsor Ads in the 10 lessons.
You can insert your own affiliate or reseller links to all the products mentioned inside the lessons.
You get the same sales page you're looking at right now to sell the e-mail course from your own web site. (You don't have to write a sales letter or spend any money creating professional quality images like the ones included on this page.)
You'll receive an ad-free autoresponder account that allows you to set up 20 messages.
Plus, you'll get 3 valuable bonus gifts. (See below.)

Here's what you do...

  • Purchase a reprint and customization rights license.
  • Download the lessons (they are in .Word format).
  • Insert your own ads and links into the lessons and upload
    them to your own autoresponder service.
  • Give the e-mail course away from your web site via a pop-up
    window, and you'll soon see the profits explode!

Once people have requested your information, the e-mail course will
do the rest!

I'll also give you an 100% ad-free autoresponder account with up
to 20 messages, if you don't want to pay for one...


If you order today, you'll also receive the following 3 BONUS GIFTS:

  • A FREE COPY of Jimmy D. Brown's "Profits Every Month".
    This is a $19.97 value!

  • A FREE COPY of the "Article Finder" tool. This program makes
    it much easier for you to find articles that you can reprint or use
    in your e-mail courses, on your web site or newsletter.

    The software gives you...

    - Access to over 20 article banks
    - Subscriber-only access to a specialised search engine which
    lists the Internet Marketing articles which are available from
    some of the best marketers around, including:
    • Terry Dean
    • Harmony Major
    • Michael Fortin
    • Chuck McCullough

    - Advice on how to use articles to boost your search engine rankings
    - A FREE download of "61 Sales-Boosting, Stealable Articles"
    - Other sources of articles that you can find online...

  • A FREE COPY of Joe Vitale's "Hypnotic Sales Letter Templates"
    Ebook (in .pdf format.) Joe Vitale, also known as "The Worlds Best
    Copy Writer"
    is giving you 92 templates to set up a profit generating
    sales page.

To obtain reprint and customization rights to my course there is a
one-time fee of $29.97. (Check around and you'll see that similar
licenses go for $197 - $297).

However, for a limited time, I'm making this offer availabe to you
for only $19.97!

I can not guarantee how long this offer will be around. I can take it
down anytime... so don't postpone...

... act NOW, and start benefiting from all my work within hours... if
not sooner.

Trust me, the "Internet Marketing Success Tips Course" will pay
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The more copies you give away of your e-mail course, the more
commissions and profits from sales you can earn.

To order the reprint and customization rights, click the image below.

After making your payment, you'll be automatically taken to the
download page, where you will be able to retrieve all the lessons
plus all the Bonus Gifts.

I wish you lots of success, and even more sales! :-)

Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. I'm online
most of the day, so you'll receive an answer within 12-24 hours.

Best Wishes,

Teri Champigny

P.S. How often does an opportunity like this just fall into your lap?
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